Group Leadership and Facilitation

For the past 23 years I have been training psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other health professionals and workers in core and advanced group theory and practice using the works of Dr. Irvin Yalom – Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy and Philip J. Flores, PhD – Group Psychotherapy with Addicted Populations.

Currently, I facilitate many therapists, counsellors and workers in professional/personal development groups using a process focus approach covering the content, the process and the dynamics that occur in the groups as the groups develop and maintain.

My style of facilitation focuses on human process events to move members forward and perceive, understand and act upon those events to achieve their personal goals. To do this I encourage group members to uncover core issues, those structures in the psyche based on past events, often in the unconscious, that influence the way people see and feel about themselves and interact with others. The group also supports members in identifying basic needs and learning to make healthy decisions and choices.

Given sufficient time, freedom and a sense of safety, this type of group evolves into a social microcosm, a miniaturized representation of each member’s social universe.

The hallmark of these types of groups is interpersonal learning – the cardinal mechanism for change and growth in groups.

The mornings of the training program are devoted to theory and the afternoon to supervised practice sessions.

My commitment is to achieve practical and positive results in my work and equip members to effectively facilitate process groups in the community.

June Lake

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