Course Modules

  • Introduction to Group Membership – Identifying Compatible and Non-Compatible Goals with the Goals of the Group

  • Single and Co-Facilitating Groups

  • Group Dynamics
    • Therapeutic Factors
    • Identifying Content and Process in Groups
    • Process Elements
    • Stages of Group Development including Characteristics, Group Member Behaviours, Possible Problems and Group Leader Behaviours
    • Group Behaviours and Roles - Functional and Non-Functional
    • Group Leadership Responsibilities, Qualities and Skills
    • Introduction to Group Interventions

With instruction in these modules you will be competent in the following:

  • Importance of group goals and individual goals

  • Personal needs in groups and integrating personal needs/goals with group needs/goals

  • Observation of group task and distinguishing process from content

  • Being in the here and now and working with group dynamics and feelings

  • Developing and enhancing leadership/facilitation style

  • Creative use of group energy

  • Identifying group dynamics and being confident to make group process calls

  • Evaluation group process

Enhance your existing group skills with sound, reliable techniques for WORKING A GROUP BY MOBILISING THE GROUP ENERGY so that THE GROUP BECOMES THE AGENT FOR CHANGE, rather than doing one-on-one work in the group.

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