Testimonials from Health Professional

I have been a member of a group facilitated by June for more than three years. The group is organised around the group therapy principles elucidated by Irvin Yalom. The group meets fortnightly, is composed entirely of mental health professionals, and includes psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

While the principal aim of the group is personal development, there is a strong didactic element as well. Hence, I have had the opportunity to experience June in the roles of both clinician and educator. I couldn't be more pleased. June's mastery of the theoretical material, as it relates to a "Yalom Group", is comprehensive and well complimented by her clear and precise instructional style which is always rooted in the here and now events within the group - a powerful and effective combination.

As a facilitator, June's skills and personal qualities really shine. I could simply list the many of June's technical skills that are commensurate with those of a theoretical, idealised group facilitator. Those skills are the easy part. More important, I believe, are the intangibles. Like all of us, June is humanly, wonderfully imperfect. Crucially though, it is June's ability to balance the authentic expression of her humanity with the responsibilities of a group facilitator that makes her, I believe, so effective.

Perhaps the most revealing things I can say are that over the three years of my participation, I always felt there was space for me in the group. I felt safe and encouraged to take my journey in whatever direction I chose. Though sometimes difficult and painful, I always experienced my participation in the group as a positive force in my life. June contributed in no small part to that experience.

Sam Scott PhD, MAPS


I couldn't more highly recommend June Lake's Group Therapy Training. In the space of one week I was able to gain a very detailed understanding of the aims and objectives of group therapy, as well as many fine distinctions around what to do to help those aims to be met. June is very thorough in her teaching of the theory of group. She breaks complex interactions down into bite-sized chunks, then introduces techniques that make those chunks easier to remember in the moment.

Completing June's training program led to my being employed to run a therapy group at South Pacific Private and to starting my own group for people suffering from depression and bipolar disorder. Later I became the Program Therapist at South Pacific Private in Managing Moods Day Program. I draw on the insights and understandings I received from June's training program in the work that I do. It has given me a solid and enduring framework from which to work.

I was also a member of a professional/personal group with other health professionals that June facilitated. I greatly value the safe environment that June is able to create in this context. I benefited from her ongoing care and support.

Louise Fisher


June's group facilitation in PD groups has been an essential component of my clinical training. I have been a member of two of her PD groups for almost four years and have found that the relational skills developed from her groups to be an effective compliment to the empirical approach that I use in my practice. June's approach is mature and warm and I would highly recommend her groups if you are seeking professional development, personal understanding and a greater capacity to relate whole-heartedly with others.

Jay Spence

Clinical Psychologist


For more than three years I have taken part in one of June’s therapy groups. June’s understanding of interpersonal relationship and implementation of Yalom’s style of group therapy has supported me both professionally and personally.

On a professional basis, June’s astute ability to read ‘group process’ and her use of interventions has increased my own understanding and competency in my work as a group therapist. She has provided a highly valuable learning environment. On a personal level, she has brought me a safe and compassionate environment through which to discover and uncover my interpersonal style. June’s ability to challenge, matched with her generosity of spirit, has more than met my needs for guidance and emotional support within the context of a therapeutic group.

Jo Quilter


B. Couns. and Human Change

Former Group Therapist at South Pacific Private

Private Practice, Mona Vale and Mosman, NSW

I had been part of a professional/personal development group that June Lake has facilitated for 9 years. I have been a member of this group for 2 years now and I recommend the experience wholeheartedly. June has an excellent, broad and thorough, mastery of theory that maintains the group on the most solid of foundations. However, although this background is there, it never dominates - the group is dynamic and challenging and drills into professional and personal issues in a way that enhances both my practice and also my interpersonal skills. I have gained a great deal in many ways through my participation in this group.

Dr Jason Gallate

Ph.D - Neuroscience

Registered Psychologist


0403 993 373

Group Therapy Training

An illuminating week of experiencing an integrative approach to group process. June is profoundly skilled in attending to the cognitive, affective and behavioural domains of interpersonal development.

June's relational style, supported by theory and practice, allows the group dynamic to experience the phenomenology of what it means to be truly in the 'here and now'. Her facilitation style is both informative and elucidating and she offers empathy and good cheer to the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the week long workshop and derived significant insight from her teachings.

Process Group Membership

My participation in June's fortnightly relational Yalom style group highlights the benefits of not only being in community, but also giving regard to what it is to experience healing, to be 'seen' ( by others ) and supported. Overarking this is the opportunity to implement new ways of modifying behavioural patterns that can then be expressed externally. I have found 'Group' is about developing my interpersonal skills that have accelerated personal change. June has a distinctive style in fostering self exploration and self understanding. She holds the space with a sense of poise and grace, never seeking to impose her dogma but rather allowing each member to experience their own self discovery.

John Gordon

Gestalt Psychotherapist


0418 225 347

I have known June Lake for a number of years in a few different capacities. More specifically for this testimonial as a group leader of a Yalom style process group of which I have been a member of for over 12 years. June has facilitated this group now for in excess of 8 years and I have had the privilege of sharing this space with her.

June is keenly aware of the subtle group dynamics that flow and circulate through the group. She is somewhat like a tree that bends with the breeze but stays grounded into the earth. June is able to hold the space without being intrusive but simultaneously being ever present. She generously shares her knowledge to this accomplished group of psychologists and psychotherapists.

I think above all of the skills June possesses, it is her strong sense of self and her calm humility that adds grace to our setting. I support June's place as a leader in all aspects of group training and facilitation.

I am happy to offer further specific thoughts

Heather Bray

Registered Psychologist, MAPS

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