There is immediate help available now

Help is available through professionally facilitated intervention workshops with skilled interventionists who bring families and significant others together in a compassionate and caring way.


You no longer have to feel alone and desperate not knowing what to do next. Families, and often associates in the workplace, are affected by the identified patient's disease depending on how long they too have experienced the problem and how advanced the shame and secrecy are that go hand-in-hand with the disease. Addiction is known as the "Disease of Denial". As the disease advances the coping methods and denial mechanisms of those nearest and dearest progress and soon the alcoholic's and addict's supporting cast spirals into a daily life of unmanageability and chaos from which there appears little relief.


Family members, friends, associates and the drug dependent person are all invited to the Family Systemic Intervention Workshop which is held over two days. Members are informed about the disease of addiction, dependency and co-dependancy through education. They are assisted to identify their emotional patterns that may have inadvertently assisted the dependent person to continue in his/her behaviour. An intervention workshop provides a safe and neutral place to explore and express how the disease of addiction has painfully impacted every member of the family. Most importantly, intervention offers a plan of recovery from the effects of being in a relationship with the identified patient to all present.

Towards Healing

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