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Our family turned to June Lake for a family intervention when we realised as a family we could no longer watch a loved one destroy themselves any further without a form of intervention. Like most families, we felt helpless, lost, in unfamiliar territory and nervous. We went to see June as a family trying to help a loved one - June helped us realise as a family it was not just our family member that needed help, but ourselves. The intervention went well and although we did not achieve the immediate desired result; as a family we came out better for it and with tools to not only assist our family member but ourselves.

June has become a dear and caring friend with a compassion and understanding that only comes from a true caring soul. I would highly recommend her services to anyone dealing with a family member or friend suffering from addiction and or mental illness.




For four years our life spun out of control in a downward spiral.  We slept for short periods, always stressed, fearful and feeling unable to focus or discuss anything except for one topic, our alcoholic son.  We could not control or understand our feelings and we needed help, but we had no idea where to turn for that help.  We spoke to numerous people in the medical field and elsewhere, but as we had no background in addiction we found it difficult to know in which direction we should be heading.

My son was referred to a counsellor who worked well with him and in turn gave us June Lake’s name to contact for family support.  After an initial consultation in our home state several weeks later, we organized an intervention weekend.  We were impressed with not only June’s knowledge and counselling skills but her insight into our problem and her honesty and forthright manner.

During the workshop we learnt the nature of the disease of addiction and dependency.  We found that although we believed we had the best interests of our son in our actions, that by trying to control him to keep him “safe”, we had exacerbated the problem.  By supporting him both emotionally and financially we were made aware that we were not allowing him to confront his problems for himself and grow as an individual, instead we were reinforcing his alcoholic dependency as a means of survival.  He needed professional help but so did we.  Everyone left the workshop with a plan for treatment and recovery.

Eighteen months on and our lives have changed dramatically.  Our son is in his second year of recovery and has successfully returned to study.  As a family we now enjoy loving and caring relationships and we have learned to allow him to take full responsibility for his decision making. Today his decisions are sound, strongand life-changing.



When I first spoke to June about our daughter's illness and the impact that this has had on her and our family, I had been feeling lost and bewildered. June was able to provide direction and focus, and for the first time in a long time, I felt empowered to commence along a path of recovery for all of us. June was completely non-judgemental, and unshockable, and I felt very comfortable talking to her. June has remained supportive and genuinely interested in how we are all travelling.

Elizabeth, South Australia



Our lives were a mess.  As a family, communication was non-existent and we were living on an emotional roller-coaster and trapped in pain and fear.  Then we heard about Lakescope.  This all happened about two years ago, but the nightmare we lived seems light years ago.  We followed June Lake’s suggestion and organized a systemic family weekend workshop.  During the weekend we were informed about the dynamics in addiction and co-dependency and on the second day we learned coping strategies for the family that would help us and our daughter.  The educators/therapists were June and a psychologist from Lakescope and was organised to be held near our home.  Family and close friends attended and our daughter also came.  

The weekend was held in a caring and safe environment.  We were emotionally drained as we were confronted with our personal values and our own co-dependency issues.  We also felt hope for the first time in years and believed we could all turn our lives around if we were strong enough to follow the commitments and plans we made in the workshop.


Now, once again, we can concentrate on enjoying our retirement, having fun and relaxing without continuous fear in our minds.  If we had not had the intervention program this outcome would never have occurred, we are indebted to the Lakescope team for all they have given back to us.

Grateful Father

My wife finally admitted she was an alcoholic Easter Long Weekend 2011, when she nearly took her own life accidently.

Leading up to this, my relationship with her and others, including my son was painful, frustrating and ever so tiring. For the last 7 years, my ability to rationalise, function and believe in the future was bordering on fictional.

My health was beginning to deteriorate, I forgot how to smile, my communication and patience was poor, I started to forget how to live and enjoy my family and friends. Especially my son, my beautiful son who I love dearly, I began to pull away from him and felt I could do nothing about it.

I was recommended to see June via professionals involved in AA. Immediately following my first consultation with June, I started to believe there was a future which I could finally participate in. My son also visits June on the odd occasions and enjoys each and every moment.

Both my son and I are today very happy and enjoy each other's company immensely. For me, I can finally breathe, dream and live, life is wonderful and I now look forward to each new day ahead. The future will be wonderful, I have no doubt.

Thank You June, you have been inspirational, caring and professional.



I have known June Lake for over ten years and have worked closely with her over that entire time.

I value our professional and respectful connection more than I can say. Without her support and caring expertise, working with the family members and colleagues of various of my clients, my ability to offer effective support to an entire system would have been much more limited.

I cannot thank June enough for her invaluable interventions and for her insightful ability to bring healing to all family members or within a client's working world.

She has vast experience in drug, alcohol and many other addictions and understands the ripple effect that these challenges can cause. As a result, her Intervention program enables both the person suffering from a dependency and also their surrounding support system to gain the understanding and effective tools necessary to communicate effectively, enhance healing and make considerable changes within themselves and in their relationships.

I cannot recommend her Intervention support highly enough.

Camille, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

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