The five steps in the process of intervention

Step 1.

It begins with a telephone call 0412 494 479 – June Lake direct, (02) 9293 2921 – Sydney office, (07) 3303 8482 – Brisbane office. If we are in a workshop, we will return your call within 4 hours, just leave your name and contact numbers.

Step 2.

During the initial discussion you can outline the current issues that prompted you to call. This is an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the services offered by LakeScope and make arrangements for an assessment session if deemed appropriate.

Step 3.

An assessment is conducted in a venue suitable to both parties and can be regional or city based. Assessments can also be conducted via 'Skype'. At this session you are invited to expand on the current situation and discuss possible options. Consultants will offer guidance and advice on the appropriateness of an intervention workshop. Dates and venue will also be considered. A schedule of professional services and fees will be provided.

Step 4.

The intervention workshop is a structured educational program on day one of the workshop while day two is more informal and addresses the needs and presenting problems of each member. The primary purpose is to bring immediate relief to family members and move them out of the crises and place the responsibility for treatment and recovery onto the identified patient in a loving, non-judgemental, non-blaming and non-shaming manner. The most frequent comment heard from loved ones is their feelings of powerlessness and despair.


LakeScope interventionists will assist with treatment options for the identified patient and family recovery plans to address each member in the workshop.

Step 5.

A 4-hour follow-up workshop will be available approximately six weeks after the intervention for the purpose of reviewing individual and family progress. Assistance is also available for transition from treatment for the recovering client.

Towards Healing

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