Is your loved one's addiction making your life miserable?

You may be wondering, “Can I get help for my loved one’s addiction if help is unwanted?"


Your whole life centers around the addict. You sacrifice your own happiness and enjoyment all because of your loved one’s substance abuse. You may put off travelling or saving money for retirement. If your son or daughter is the alcoholic or drug addict, your relationship with your spouse may be suffering due to the enormous stress.

Even if your loved one does not want to get treatment for their addiction, you can still get support to turn your life around. Many of my clients have been families where the addicted loved one was not involved in the family intervention. In spite of this, the family members were able to make significant improvements in their lives – and in 95% of cases, the life of the addict.


Getting help for yourself is often the first step towards helping a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol...

An addiction interventionist can be the answer to your problems.

Information and help starts here...



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Getting help for yourself is often the first step (click here)

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